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February 2018

New case studies - using LoRaWAN low-power, wide-area radio (LPWA) technology
Energy-harvesting power monitor
Autonomous IoT Node

February 2017

New case studies - BLE & ANT low-power wireless projects
ANT and BLE - gateway between the two protocols
ECG-based Exercise Monitor with BLE communication

23 April 2015

New blog post - "New Tricks for Lower Power from Atmel"

7 February 2015

New blog post - "AirPi – It Texts!"

5 January 2015

New blog post - "The AirPi Has Landed!"

June 2014

Antronics Ltd participates in Sierra Wireless Developer events

6 March 2013

New blog post - "M2M and the Vending Machine"

10 June, 2012

Antronics Ltd is now on Pinterest - the online pinboard!

18 April, 2012

New-look Facebook page
With the new look of Facebook "pages", we also have a new, easier URL:

20-21 October, 2010

Antronics Ltd exhibits in the Connected M2M Devices Pavilion at Embedded Live 2010
For full details, see:
See our Facebook page for some pictures from the event.

10 August, 2010

Antronics Ltd sponsors Wired Wessex "Innovation for a Smarter Planet event
"Andy Stanford-Clark, IBM Distinguished Engineer and Master Inventor, will introduce technology which is helping to make the planet smarter: instrumenting objects in the real world with sensors, linking them together over a network..." For full details, see:
See our Facebook page for some pictures from the event, and a brief report in the blog.

15 July, 2010

New Case Study - RFID remote monitor

14 July, 2010

Antronics Ltd is now on Twitter!
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13 April, 2010

RFID - Connecting the Cloud
Andrew Neil will be talking to the Smartex Smart Card Club about experiences with developing a solution to capture and report the data from RFID readers at remote locations without any "conventional" network access. The solution uses the GSM/GPRS mobile ‘phone network, which also opens opportunities for mobile use - such as vehicles, etc.
The agenda can be viewed here.

This is an application of the  M2M "Intelligent" GSM Modem.

March 2010

Freelancing Matters
Andrew Neil is featured as the "Member Profile" in the March issue of the PCG "Freelancing Matters" magazine.
The full issue can be viewed online here - turn to page 34...

February 2010

Wavecom is now Sierra Wireless
Sierra Wireless acquired Wavecom in Q1 2009, and the full range of products and services has now been rebranded under the Sierra Wireless name.
Any references you may still find here to "Wavecom" should be taken to now mean "Sierra Wireless"...

4 November, 2009

Antronics Ltd Joins ARM Connected Community
Antronics Ltd today announced that it is a new member in the ARM® Connected Community, the industry’s largest ecosystem of ARM technology-based products and services.  

28 October, 2009

New download added
ComLed - a simple COM Port & Modem Test Utility

22 October, 2009

New blog started