iButtons and the 1-Wire® Interface

The Maxim (formerly Dallas Semiconductor) 1-Wire® interface provides an economical bidirectional link requiring only a single data line. This greatly simplifies the interface electronics, connectors and wiring required to attach peripheral devices.

Antronics Ltd has incorporated a number of 1-Wire devices into recent projects; including iButtons and temperature sensors. The example shown below reads DS1991 iButtons and also displays the temperature read from a DS1820 sensor:

 Unit with iButton and 1-Wire Temperature Sensor

BT Redcare Vending Interface Unit (VIU) - featuring iButton and 1-Wire interfaces

The following images provide a closer view of some iButtons:

An iButton

An iButton on a keyring fob.

The chip inside an iButton

Just the iButton device itself

An iButton mounted on a keyring fob

The chip inside an iButton

 For further details of the Maxim iButton range, see the iButton home page at http://www.ibutton.com/

Antronics Ltd is an iButton Authorised Solutions Developer (ASD)

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Antronics Ltd is an iButton Authorised Solutions Developer (ASD)