Project Portfolio

This section of our website presents some of our recent Client Projects:

LoRa Energy Harvesting Current Monitor
LoRa Energy Harvesting Current Monitor.

LoRa Autonomous IoT Node
LoRa Autonomous IoT Node.


BLE Moisture and Humidity Monitor/Logger
BLE Moisture and Humidity Monitor/Logger.

Pager Transmitter Updates
Pager Transmitter Updates.


ANT and BLE.

ECG-based Exercise Monitor
ECG-based Exercise Monitor.


M2M Intelligent Modem
Intelligent Modem;
M2M Applications in a GSM Modem


WMP100 Wireless Microprocessor - M2M in a chip!

Wireless Microprocessor;
M2M Applications in a Chip.


RFID Remote Monitor
RFID Remote Monitor.

iButton Terminal
Biometric Remote Enrolment.

Domestic Electricity Consumption Monitor
Domestic Electricity Consumption Monitor.

GPS Tracking
GPS Vehicle Tracker.

redcare GSM STU

The BT redcare GSM STU.


The BT redcare 5G STU.

BT redcare VIU

BT redcare Telemetry Vending Interface Unit.

An early prototype of the BT redcare cost-reduced Vending Interface Unit (VIU-4)

BT redcare Cost-Reduced Vending Interface Unit (VIU-4).

  Custom Flash-replacement SRAM modules

An Innovative Solution to an Old Problem.