BT redcare Telemetry
Vending Interface Unit (VIU)

BT redcare Telemetry Vending Interface Unit (VIU)The BT redcare vending telemetry service - vend online - is a comprehensive, web-based machine-to-machine ("M2M") monitoring system that provides vital management information about an operator's vending machines 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Individual vending machines to be monitored by the system are fitted with a Vending Interface Unit (VIU); this unit retrieves audit data (sales statistics, etc) from the machine and transmits this information via GPRS to the central vend online servers.

The VIU is also able to monitor various other conditions at the machine, including temperatures, door opening/closing, and the state of the machine illumination.

All information is held in non-volatile storage at the VIU until positive confirmation is received from the central server that it has been successfully uploaded. This ensures that no data is lost in the event of GPRS failure, or loss of power to the vending machine.

The VIU was conceived by BT redcare in late 2001. Following the success of the GSM STU development, redcare Technology Ltd (formerly Versus Technology Ltd) approached Antronics Ltd for assistance in the embedded firmware development.

Antronics Ltd were able to assist redcare Technology in the following specific technical areas:

Vending Machine Interfaces & Protocols

Design of Triscend Logic Configuration & Software Drivers

Dallas 1-Wire™ Interfaces

Over 500 VIUs are now installed and undergoing live field trials with a number of UK vending operators.

We are grateful to BT redcare for their kind permission to feature their VIU in this article.

Please note that Antronics Ltd does not sell or support BT redcare products or services - for details of BT products and services, please contact BT:

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